Public TV Business | Video Production

Most of the time videos uploaded online and on television their present so many loops in them. These all essentials can change the result of the video and also harm the viewers.

If you are willing to give a chance to any production company without your involvement you will never get your desired results and it also shows you poorly among the customers. In this brief discussion we will look after some basic points which suits best for your campaign.

Don’t make Silly Script

It is important not make any kind of silly things in your ad that are not related to your business. If you do this viewer feel it foolish and it hurts your reputation. Some times company uses cartoonish graphics or GIF’s to promote their businesses which suites them well but when it comes to advertise any of the doctor’s ad it might get wrong. However these cartoonish graphics or GIF’s are nonprofessional kind of advertisements but it may vary from company to company. So before get into any ad campaign ask the production company about the script, story, music, cartoonish material or any GIF’s that will used in your ad campaign.

Proofread your Script

Proofreading helps you to get rid of from silly mistakes. It also helps your content or script more reputable or accurate. Check from a to z to ensure all things are correctly arranged according to your requirement. You also have to see cautiously even framework of video to assure the things are correctly arranged.

Select related peoples in video according to Demographic

Sometimes companies find it difficult who to choose and who to not. To explain this point here is an example of a beauty cream video. Mostly you see ad of cosmetic cream brings up a girl with dark complexion and during a short 30 to 60 seconds video they show you how the complexion changes after implementation of the product in days or weeks. So this kind of ads fits best for the viewers in which they find local actors having same problems like you.

Selection of Music and Actors

The last point I m explaining is selection of music and actors. Here is another example to describe it more perfectly. An ad showing that there is a local pharmacy and a woman comes to get some medicine for her husband but instead of focusing on medicine they focused on caring factor. I think an ad is not up to the mark because of poor actor and content. Mostly I see ads using same music for garments business, real estate business or pharmacy business. This will surely ends with confusion and uniqueness concerns.

Stand Alone and be Creative

Brands consume time to be recognized by the peoples. You want to have your own identity to this respect. Create your best logo and show it to viewers properly. Have your own music theme so viewers can easily recognize your brand while listen to it. Not to copy anyone. Be creative and stand alone.

Don’t compromise on Quality

Make videos perfectly and it is better to get consulted with production companies. Keep yourself involved in the whole campaign. Target all the key points mentioned above. Stay in your budget and not move to high prices. It is also important to keep an eye on the whole process.


Here are some key points that will guide you through out the process

  1. Gives all the related information related to your product and services to the production company
  2. Assure all the key points like actors, music, story, script, content etc
  3. Key factors involved in process;
  • meeting
  • story
  • content
  • artist
  • Raw video
  • discussion
  • market analysis
  • lighting
  • music
  • video gadgets
  • video mixing
  • duplicate of videos
  • layout
  • broadcasting on television
  • advertising
  • feedback
  1. Basis of Objects

What will be the basis of Objects (open domain, random creation, and archived demo)?

  1. Kinds of Objects

What type of objects will be used (video, visual graphics, cartoonish, GIF’s)?

  1. Objects in video:

How all the objects are shown in video like in front or in back?

  1. Do consult timely with the production team for accurate or quality video.
  2. Decide who the speaker is, what music will be used, how the voice pitch will be used in video