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Social media advertising is on its early stage but its demand increase with time. Now IAB (interactive Advertising Bureau set a goal for social media advertising, but this goal must be easily asses sable. Many conventional firms also involve with IAB. All social media advertising must follow these goals but in last year many changes occur in this field.

Facebook: Facebook is a first plate form of social media. When Facebook comeit’sa big challenge for the IAB because Facebook can easily copy data of all users. So IAB introduced new policies and then come in field with full preparation.

Twitter:is always go for paid advertising.

Social media is all about adults and young people. There is different opinion about social media advertising that whether it is successful or not.


Both sides give different opinions about social media advertising.If you want to know about influence of social media advertising you must conduct research on social media advertising and find out that mostly company uses what type of social media advertising for their company or business. This step can give you best idea about trends of social media advertising. Last few years the trend of social media advertising is increasing rapidly. If we want to know about future of social media, research shows that this trend is growing fast and with full speed.

Social media advertising is suitable for companies and for business too. For business set up Facebook advertising is most suitable advertising for you. But this advertising is not useful for all countries in world. If you use Facebook advertising in specific country then this advertising is suitable for this country only, you cannot apply this advertising beyond the borders of this country. Because of this reason Facebook advertising is not much reliable but soon new method will introduced in Facebook advertising to make them reliable.


Trends of social media and social media advertising are continuously improved. But there are some principles which are continuously constant, such as;



The value of Social media advertising is increasing day by day if the number of involved audience is not much you still don’t worry about it. With increasing demand the number of active audience on social media also increase, e.g. out of 100 persons every 60 persons use social media. These all are engage audience on social media that must be target by you.


If you are not sure that whether male use social media more or females. If your research results show that male and female both uses social media on equal bases. Social media is not even use by females only. Not only female use social media but male also impress by females on daily bases. E.g. if male go for shopping he mostly buy old product he use mostly, but if female go for shopping she always take risk and buy new products in market. Female mostly impress by social media advertising.


This is a key factor of social media advertising. If you make your business plan and tracking is also involve in your planning then it is good option for your social media advertising. If you not use tracking in your advertising plan then make your plan with complete range and us strong networking.


In social media advertising you must keep in mind one thing that never goes with double meaning references. Always convey what you promise. If you not fulfil the demands of clients then it will goes opposite. If your clients are not happy with then ask from  current supervision.


Social context is the key factor of social media advertising. But always keep in mind that these entire contexts lead and relate with social web pages, videos and content etc. the best things to promote your advertising is;

  • Give your clients one place for mixture
  • Contrary and share data
  • arrange competitions and opinion poll,
  • request for response,
  • Give effective gifts.
  • Take part in activities.

If your social media advertising is not match with content hen no one give notice to your ad.


If you use one type of social media advertising, then never ignore other types of advertising e.g. email, flyers banners, tracking etc. Social media advertising is good with all these types.

If you use these six types of principle then you can get positive result.