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As the world is growing too fast and things are changing rapidly everybody needs to update himself regularly. Internet marketing workshops are held all over the world and I personally conducted some of them. For this purpose I m always keen to find different ways to use the internet especially social media platforms to connect with more audience.


I m glad to announce one of the most famous sites of the world and hope you all know about its services and products. This site helps to connect with different peoples across the globe. You can say that it helps you to build a community.


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  1. Find a Vendor

Are your events are big enough that you need vendors to sponsor it or not? In my opinion this will help you to reduce your marketing budget. Different companies want to promote their brands far better than the others. For this purpose they look for different vendors or sponsors to promote their brand but one thing which kept in mind by the owners that sponsors or vendors do not provide you any financial help. Their only purpose in the event is to provide location where people can meet each other, give them refreshment and facilitate them with other services. Whenever you want to organize the event look for the better sponsors and it is not so hard to find them as you are thinking.

  1. Find a Good Speaker

If you are not a good speaker and you are looking to find someone else to speak your matter don’t worry about it. There present a lot of speakers that will give you free services. Now a question arises where you will find them? Answer is very simple use different social media platforms to find them more quickly.

  1. Don’t sell on the events!

People are bored with the typically sales speeches. They sometime find it very much disgraced if the speaker on the stage forced them to buy their product. But question is if you are not there to sell then what are you looking for? You are for promoting your brand your companies policies your services and for building up a relation with your future clients. You are there to inform or convey your audience that how important your product is. How it will make their life’s better or easy.

  1. Create an outline of an event

It is important to build an outline of an event. Outline of an event describes your topic, theme, chief guest, timing, schedule and information about the arranger. This all detail not took too much time and ease the audience what to look forward. It also help audience to do their groundwork related to the event or a meeting. It also shows your professionalism among the audience.

  1. Send Reminders –

It is necessary that you schedule your event in advance and also send reminders to the audience. Peoples are much active in their life so they easily forget about your event. To avoid this kind of problem do email or call them to keep remind your event. Remind them how important your event is and talk about some special points about your scheduled event. To avoid the late entries intimate them through blogs that for the first 20 guests there is present surprise gifts.

  1. Print ID cards 

On events print the id cards of your guest with their names of it that helps to promote your brand respectively.

  1. Disclose the attendees –

It is for sure that event management decided their attendees for an event. It is good to show or print the RSVP’s of an event so the audience coming for an event knows who to meet. It also helps your audience to know about their sittings. This will make an event more organized and fruitful.

  1. Schedule time for Networking –

Not only schedule time, also provide space for the audience for get-together. There are many peoples who attend events only for sake to meet different professionals and their mates. This is one of the reasons that more people will engage with your event.

  1. Share Your Knowledge–

Knowledge sharing among the audience plays a vital role in branding your company. Share your slides on your blogs. Also intimate the audience about the link or websites from where they will find these useful slides.

  1. Feedback –

The last but not the least it is very much important for any event to get a feedback of the audience. This will helps you to avoid mistakes you made on that event.